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How to Participate in

the Walk to Emmaus


To take part in the Walk To Emmaus weekend retreat you must be sponsored by someone who has already taken part in the experience.  It is most likely that a sponsor will approach you (and your spouse) with an invitation after much prayerful consideration.  Walks for men are conducted separately from Walks for women - usually a week to a month apart.  For married couples, it is best if both husband and wife make an equal commitment to participate in The Walk To Emmaus (although they attend on separate weekends).  Of course, singles are also welcome to take part.


Those attending an MEC Walk spend the entire 72 hour (3-day) period at the retreat center.  Dormitory or cabin-style accommodations are provided as are meals, snacks and study materials.

Attendees are provided with a list of personal items that they should bring - it includes comfortable walking shoes and clothes to suit the weather, as participants move outside from building to building frequently.  Special arrangements are possible for participants with physical limitations - Walks have included people in wheelchairs and people who have lost their eyesight, for example.


A modest fee (much less than a 3 night stay at any hotel) is charged for the accommodations, meals, supplies and other expenses of the weekend.  For those unable to pay scholarships for 50% of the fee are available on a limited basis.  $25 of the fee must accompany your application (your sponsor will turn in your application and deposit to us.); the balance is due by the Thursday night check-in. 

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